Willie and the Boyz at FarmAid

Willie and the Boyz at FarmAid

It was my good fortune to attend the FarmAid concert in Indianapolis in 1990, when John Cougar Mellencamp joined Willie in the effort.  Everyone was so surprised at a rock star teaming up with Willie, but loved John Cougar’s style and music.

Visit the great FarmAid.org website!

The Daily Coyote

April 17, 2009

dailycoyoteYep, the DailyCoyote.net is a blog site and photo journal by a gal who rescues and adopts a little coyote pup in Wyoming.  Charlie lives with her and a cat named Eli.

It’s a great book and even more charming website.  Charlie will steal your heart away.


Meet Charlie ... star of the Daily Coyote!

Say Cheese!

March 12, 2009

Eran Wajswol, the head shepherd and cheesemaker at Valley Shepherd Creamery, asked for a series of posters to illustrate the cheesemaking process to school children.  He did not particularly care for the “rats” at first — but we understand that they grew on him!

Selling Persimmons?

February 16, 2009

persimmonsWell, ok — perhaps persimmons are not the best example for this website tip, given that they are somewhat “puckering”!

If your farm grows strawberries, add interest and searchability to the site by including strawberry recipes.  Or pumpkin recipes (and carving tips) for pumpkin farms.

Think of having recipes posted in PDF format on cards with your farm’s logo and website on them.   They can be downloaded, printed and tucked into the viewer’s collection — with a memory of their trip to the farm.