About Blogging

Some of my favorite farm blogs:

FarmGirl Fare
Georgia Farm Woman: Life on a Southern Farm
Old Shaw Farm
Cowgirl Chef

Chronicles of a Country Girl
The Gourmet Farm Girl
Throwback at Trapper Creek

Miss MustardSeed

Miss Effie’s Diary
Cold Antler Farm
Beyond the Blue Gate
Ranch Living | Dallas, TX

Raising Country Kids
Wild Idea Buffalo
The Pioneer Woman
The Daily Coyote

Honey Rock Dawn
Blog With a Farmer | Stoneyfield Farm
The Farmers Marketer
Sugar Mountain Farm

Sample Blog Topics:  The Five F’s of Farmer Blogging

Blog about life on your farm!  Food, family, fun, fotos and feelings are great topics for your journal or sounding board.  Remember that your blog is enriching the content of your farm website — and it’s allowing your visitors to feel closer to the family during the year.

  • Write about your home, family, kids, animals, planting or farm chores/activities
  • Tell about the farm’s history and/or your family’s history, including stories
  • Choose special photos and use them as your topic
  • Memories of childhood or anything nostalgic (i.e., ‘Remember When’)
  • Delve into local events or politics if you are so inclined!
  • Embed YouTube videos as a blog entry
  • Baby animals – any time and any place are always popular topics
  • Holiday traditions of your family/farm
  • What your family is involved in (organizations, sports, special projects)

Top It Off with a Catchy Title

Here are some of my favorite blog titles:

How to Date a Vegan
The Monday Dose of Cute
Bunnies:  They’re what’s for Dinner!  (well, not at my house!)
The Three Snoozes (about napping cats)
Donkey Doodle Dandy
Boots and Daisy Roots (about gardening)
So far, Sew Good