It’s Party Time!

January 26, 2011

We’re heading to the 2011 Corn Party in Raleigh, North Carolina!  Visiting old friends and making new!  We’ll be hosting a break-out session on “virtual marketing” called The Farmer’s Sowing Circle.  Lots of great information and many fun seed-packet handouts!

Do you YouTube?

January 5, 2011

themoovies1Sometimes a friend will send me links to something delightful on YouTube — funny animals, home movies to popular songs and more.  However, I have mostly ignored it as a major source of entertainment.

Recently, I began receiving emails (and seeing websites) that had YouTube videos embedded.  So, I investigated — and Lo!
There are marvelous opportunities for farmers on YouTube.

Embedding video in your website (on the server where you site is hosted) can significantly drag down bandwidth, especially when it’s the season when you website is getting the highest traffic.  But video clips are the hottest thing on a website, in terms of interactivity and visualization.

Getting Started:
To optimize opportunities and minimize exposure — sign up for a YouTube account of your own!  Post your own videos online and link to them from your website.  And … you can list keywords about your farm in each of your videos that will be searchable from within YouTube.

Logo Tattoos

April 17, 2010

tattooproofDerinda Patton of Amazingly Fun Farm in Amarillo, Texas, called to ask for her logo in a format so it could be made into a tattoo.

Now, how much fun is that?

Kids just love face painting or tattoos — and this is a great idea for sending forth little walking advertisements of your farm into the world!

I Google-ed “printed tattoos” and even found a source for getting them right down the road from me.

So the photo here is just “conceptual”.
But he is kinda eye-catching.

Say Cheese!

March 12, 2009

Eran Wajswol, the head shepherd and cheesemaker at Valley Shepherd Creamery, asked for a series of posters to illustrate the cheesemaking process to school children.  He did not particularly care for the “rats” at first — but we understand that they grew on him!